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Tom’s Bicycle Tour of Africa

Tom Lais Bicycle Tour Logan Pass

Home is where the bicycle is. Editor’s Note: I’ve met few men who love bicycling as much as Tom. That’s actually an understatement. Tom just thinks and sees the world like a bicyclist. “What if everyone commuted to work on a bicycle…?” “What if they made a bike path here…?” Or, “What if…?” He loves… Continue Reading

Collateral Projects for the Monarch Butterfly Book

Monarch butterfly garden blacklight art show. Here are the pieces being assembled with the blacklight on.

Classroom Activities and Upcoming Celebration Above is a hint of what is coming to Parker Woods Montessori Science Fair. This fantastic black light butterfly garden. An amazing art show by Suzanne Nall and the students. Just one of the great activities going along with our upcoming book: Mirabella the Monarch. Below you can see the… Continue Reading

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What's New!

  • Finally, BIG NEWS! 2017-02. We’re excited to announce that The Dream Playbook will be published by Magination Press “Self-help books for kids and the adults in their lives, written by experts and published by the American Psychological Association.” We feel this is the perfect publisher for the Playbook’s themes of passion, optimistic thinking and social emotional learning. We couldn’t be more excited. The Dream Playbook has grown bigger than us and we just couldn’t do it alone. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates.
  • Falling Uphill Anniversary Edition should arrive late February 2017. We're taking preorders now.
  • It's confirmed, the new Make-A-Book Project at Parker Woods Montessori will be about monarch butterflies and the greatest migration on Earth. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Whew! It took months, but we finally moved almost 1000 pages into a database. Our website is 17 years old, and everything was hand-coded page by page—and that had to all be stripped out manually! We still have a lot of work to do as we try to unify our brand. It seems a lot of our peers our are giving up websites and moving to social media platforms.

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  • Tom’s Bicycle Tour of Africa
  • Falling Uphill 15th Anniversary Edition
  • How to become a Mars Astronaut
  • My Bollywood Movie Debut
  • If I Were President for a Day

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Jason and the Argonauts battling skeleton warriors

Jason and the Argonauts

The Archetypal Adventure

The word argonaut is synonymous with adventurer. I recommend you read about the original Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts (or the illustrated kid's version) including the history, culture and the actual story. I've been collecting this info for years; and I find it fascinating how this myth has embedded itself in our culture. Or read about: What is an argonaut?

Albert Einstein bicycle quote: Life is like riding a bicycle.

Bicycle Quotes

The Oldest and Best site for cycling quotes on the web

"Life is like riding a bicycle." by Albert Einstein is one of my personal favorites, and which our website made famous. Back in 1999 hardly anyone had heard of these quotes. Now “Life is like riding a bicycle” is probably the most famous bicycle quote of all time. See how Life is like riding a bicycle quote has been shortened, or paraphrased, over time. And see the Top 100 bicycle quotes of all time.

Welcome to The Argonauts featuring:

Scott Stoll's Bicycle Ride Around the World

Scott asked himself, "If I could do anything, what would I do?" His answer was to ride a bicycle around the world and search for happiness and the meaning of life. This was one of the first circumnavigations around the planet on a bicycle using only paper maps. Discover what happened during the 4-year journey. Read about the trek around the world on a bicycle.

The map of Scott's World Bicycle Tour

Above: The map of Scott's quest. One of the first circumnavigations around the planet on a bicycle. Below: Re-imagine the journey in the best-selling independent book Falling Uphill.

Falling Uphill, "Falling Uphill", Fall Uphill, Falling, Fall, Up, Uphill, Falling Upward, Faling, upward, Book, movie, album

Best-Selling Independent Book

Falling Uphill:

One man's quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle.

2017. New Anniversary Edition. In one week, Scott Stoll lost his job, his best friend, his girlfriend and his confidence. Disillusioned with society, full of angst, a lost and wandering soul with nothing left to lose, Stoll asked himself a question: “If I only have one life, one chance, if I could do anything, what would I do?”

His answer resulted in a 4-year and 25,752-mile odyssey around the world by bicycle, seeking answers to the great mysteries of life, vowing to find happiness or die trying. The quest wasn’t easy. He was imprisoned, held hostage, mugged, run over, suspected of terrorism, accused of espionage, trampled, diseased, heartbroken—he nearly died a dozen times. But more importantly, in the most unlikely places, he also discovered the wonders of the world, kindness among strangers, the meaning of life, peace, love and — Yes!— happiness — in the last place to look — and much more than he imagined possible.

Re-live and re-imagine a journey around the world on a bicycle as a man stumbles through moments of pure survival and moments of pure enlightenment. More info. or Buy now.

Falling Uphill The short film: A montage of photos and videos from Scott's 4 year, 26,000 mile bicycle tour around the world. Previously a Youtube Feature Video and specially requested for the Boston Bicycle Film Festival. "I nearly cried watching this video. Just a normal guy and look what he has achieved." ~ Ingrid K.

Bicycle Logo Design. Graphic Design Services.

Bicycle Logo Design

Graphic Design, Illustration and Production

Scott funded most of his adventures, this website and a lot of school projects with the profits from years of working in the advertising business. Scott worked as either a senior graphic designer or art director in some of the best advertising agencies in the country, including TBWA\Chiat\Day when they won the prestigious Ad Agency of the Year Award. Not only did he design dozens of bicycle logos, but he also designed thousands and thousands of ads, posters, billboards, websites and much more.
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Scott is still available for graphic design, illustration or web design. Profits support this website and our work with schools. Contact us.

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