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Blue Bicycle Logo. Graphic Design Services

Scott funded most of his adventures, this website and a lot of school projects with the profits from years of working in the advertising business. Scott worked as either a senior graphic designer or art director in some of the best advertising agencies in the country, including TBWA\Chiat\Day when they won the prestigious Ad Agency of the Year Award. Not only did he design dozens of bicycle logos, but he also designed thousands and thousands of ads, posters, billboards, websites and much more.

Scott’s loves to do graphic design for anything related to bicycles, travel and adventure, especially logos. Who better to design your logo than someone who loves bicycles? Please browse this small sample, and if you like what you see and want to hire Scott, we guarantee your satisfaction. Besides, all profits help fund more adventures, web maintenance and school donations. So, hurry. Call now. Supplies are limited. (Just kidding.)

Online Portfolio

  • If you would like to see Scott’s old design website visit Blue Bicycle, including even more bicycle logos. (Note: This site is no longer updated, because the framework is hopelessly out of date.)
  • If you would like to see Scott’s current, brand new online portfolio, visit Behance by Adobe. (Work in progress.)
  • Don’t miss my portfolio of books.
  • And, of course, this award-winning, hand-coded website is my best example. Our story: How The Argonauts was ahead of its time.

Below is a small sample of Scott’s bicycle logos as well as adventure, fitness and travel logos.

  • If you would like to see Scott’s old design website visit Blue Bicycle. (Note: This site is no longer updated, because the framework is hopelessly out of date.)
  • If you would like to see Scott’s current, brand new online portfolio, visit Behance by Adobe. (Work in progress.)

Bicycle Logo Design

Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life. Children's edition. Read it free online now.

I tried to adapt my bicycle theme do a website about graphic design business. For years, I kept them separate. Then I tried merging them together, similar to how you see it now. But, I admit, neither way was very successful. I probably should have just branded my design business with my name, like

In the header of this webpage are two more related logos: the main logo The Argonauts a travel-adventure website that was built around my trip around the world, but was expanded to include everyone’s journey. There exists about a dozen variations of this logo different purposes. And next to that is a logo that represents bicycle touring and bicycling around the world. I turned this logo upside down, because when traveling the world I realized everything was relative.

And you can see the Falling Uphill logo and book design. Falling Uphill became the metaphor for my trip around the world on a bicycle seeking happiness. You probably know that by know, but did you also know that I was the graphic designer, illustrator and production artist? Oh and the author, too. Yikes. But I had a lot of help!


Team Nissan logo

Nissan sponsored women’s bicycle racing team.
Team Nisan Women's Bicycle Racing Logo

The Wheel Peddler Logo Design

Wheel Peddler Logo

Bicycle Source Logo Design

Bicycle Source logo

Green Machine Logo Design.

Electric scooter and bike rentals
Green Machine logo

Pedal Chick Logo. And Pedal Chick T-shirt Design

Pedal Chick Logo
You've been chicked logo and T-shirt design

Big Dude Logo Design

Big Dude Cycling Logo


Similar fitness and travel logos

Personal Trainer Logo

Bianchi Fitness Logos

One of a series of hiking T-shirts

T-shirt design 4

An all-time favorite travel logo design

Aspect Discovery Tours logo

Another Personal Trainer Logo

Sports Performance Republic Logo

A bicycle advocacy newspaper ad

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Ad. F@ck the environment or Free the environment? You choose.

The ad that got me fired.

The reason I quit the corporate world.

Bike USA ad, full-page, 4-color newspaper ad. This is the ad that got Scott fired from his job as art director.

Long story short: Above is a restored photo from the only existing printed piece of a full-color, full-page newspaper ad that is now yellowed, wrinkled and spotted. This advertisement actually won an award in the regional Addy contest and then went on to the Nationals. However, before that happened my boss used this as one of his primary reasons for firing me. He said that he had never seen a focus group tear apart an ad so much. In fact, he said that he had never seen an art director as bad as me. This happened on the Friday before New Year’s Eve, and he told me not to come back next year, meaning Monday. This event led to the incendiary moment which compelled me to ask, “If I could do anything, what would I do?” And if you know me, you know my answer was to ride a bicycle around the world and find the meaning of life and happiness or die trying. Well, I came close to dying several times, but I lived to write my best-selling, independent book Falling Uphill about my quest for happiness. And, you can relive this moment in the opening chapter. Or read the short story long.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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