The Dream Playbook: How to create the meaning to your life.

The Dream Playbook

How to create the meaning to your life

Finally, BIG NEWS! 2017-10

Coming February! We’re excited to announce that The Dream Playbook will be published by Magination Press “Self-help books for kids and the adults in their lives, written by experts and published by the American Psychological Association.” We feel this is the perfect publisher for the Playbook’s themes of passion, optimistic thinking and social emotional learning. We couldn’t be more excited. The Dream Playbook has grown bigger than us and we just couldn’t do it alone.

Also we will be launching a new kid-friendly website soon.

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The Dream PlaybookThe Dream Playbook

How to create the meaning to your life

Have you ever asked yourself: “What good is school?” Or: “Why bother going to work every day?” Well, here is the answer: So you can live the life of your dreams! The Dream Playbook is here to help you create that dream and discover the passion that makes life worth living. When you tap into this passion, suddenly things like school, work and exercise aren’t chores anymore, but the tools to making dreams a reality and building an amazing life. So get ready — with this playbook as your guide not even the sky is the limit.

Talking Hat and Magic Carpet Dream Play

Pictured above a group of students at a YMCA after-school program share their dreams in an exercise called the Magic Carpet. Note the center student wearing the Talking Hat.

What is more freeing than the act of dreaming?

Teachers Agree: The Dream Playbook Aligns with the Core Curriculum StandardsWhat is more freeing than the act of dreaming? Kids hold special powers for dreaming because their creative minds have not yet learned about the limitations that culture, social pressure, gender roles and stereotypes place upon them as they become adults. In the Playbook, we set out to harness this amazing moment in time when kids are free to dream and help them develop this most important skill of childhood to build a foundation of passion for their future.

The playbook uses visually stimulating and interactive exercises to tackle dreams from every angle: from conceptual to feeling to playing. It is designed for a variety of learning and teaching styles, and filled with unique emotional exercises to connect students to their passion. If groups want to use the book in a workshop, students have a chance to put these skills to practice and share and collaborate dreams with their classmates.

The playbook is designed for about 4-6th graders, but actually, we think everyone could benefit from these important dream building tools, because this is the first time a subject like this has been taught.

Some of the ethos behind our playbook includes:
For Children:
  • To inspire imagination of the “impossible” and thinking outside of the box
  • To create the foundation of a life goal and the self-motivation to take action to live that life to the fullest
  • To encourage attitudes that are hopeful, open-minded, cooperative and forward thinking
  • To provide kids a method and platform to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas
For Parents:
  • To provide a tangible way for parents and children to bond over life values and goals
  • To inspire your children to be the creators of their own destiny
  • To create a memory that will become a cherished family heirloom
  • To teach parent’s how to dream. That’s our #1 comment — how much the parents learn, too.
For Professionals:
  • To facilitate social and emotional learning, particularly in the area of self-awareness
  • To provide a useful tool for working with kids in educational and therapeutic disciplines
  • To create an experiential learning opportunity to develop basic life skills like: creativity, critical thinking, reading, writing and more
  • To provide insight into student’s learning styles and personality
  • We are very proud to present this book. It represents a lifetime of dreams in a tangible form.

Making Dream Catchers

Pictured above students make dream catchers using paper plates, colored yarn, beads and feathers.

95% of kids recommend The Dream PlaybookBenefits per the University of Cincinnati Year-long Study of the Playbook

The Dream Playbook was tested by the University of Cincinnati in a study called “Promoting Optimistic Thinking in YMCA After-School Students.” The book had overwhelmingly positive feedback. Here are a few highlights from this year-long study in 2nd-8th grades:

  • Overall, the results of our study suggest that The Dream Playbook is an effective program for teaching socio-emotional skills, increasing optimistic thinking, and is enjoyed by students.
  • Students increased in optimistic thinking 22% in the first semester, and another 17% in the second semester.
  • With 100% of students in our study reporting thinking about their goals and dreaming more, The Dream Playbook may be an effective tool to increase student achievement through increasing dreaming and goal setting.
  • Additionally, with 89.5% of children reporting looking forward to each session, The Dream Playbook may contribute to improved school attendance by providing many students with an exciting reason to go to school.
  • The influence of the Dream Playbook on optimistic thinking did not depend on grade or gender… or school.
  • In addition, the students who participated in this study are ethnically and socioeconomically diverse; this demonstrates the relevance and usefulness of the playbook for a diverse group of children.
  • More about working with groups

We believe the Dream Playbook will further help children turn their dreams and goals into a reality.

Pictured above is my editor Chloe hard at work on the new book.

Here are a few examples from the playbook.

This is one of my favorite graphics that I had worked on years before the Dream Playbook. It shows that every dream has a beginning middle and end. Coincidentally it has ten steps, which is a nice number and easy way for kids to measure their progress. It illustrates the essence how doubt and fear are essential to any adventure. The trick is harnessing that emotional fuel and turning disadvantages into advantages. Available as a free classroom poster. Click on the image you can download a printer friendly version for your classroom.

How to fall uphill

The playbook is filled with colorful splashy pages that teach students important concepts about dreams. In this example we are showing passion is the emotional fuel to help create and motivate a dream. This is a visual example, but we alsocommunicate important concepts using a variety of learning styles, like: reading, writing, feeling, seeing, talking, sharing, building, and more.

Passion the emotional fuel for your dream

And the playbook is filled with interactive exercises they can explore in classroom setting or with friends and family. One of the most popular exercises in the playbook was for students to write each other gift certificates for dreams. Even if you buy a book, you’ll need extras pages for these fun games. Please check back. We hope to make these downloads available soon, but we need to check with the publisher first.

And there is so much more, you’ll just have to see a Dream Playbook for yourself.


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