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Celebrating the book

Pictured below are the students from Argentina holding their certificates of achievements and their copy of “Cayendo Hacia Arriba” the book that we created together.

In my opinion the celebration of the book is the most important step. It helps the students realize their purpose in life, take a step of action with their passion and own their participation. The they are empowered to seed their ideas and passion in their community, and eventually these ideas may become a new reality. Assuming a few bumps in the road turning dreams into reality is my philosophy of falling uphill.

Below is Deputy Ambassador Jefferson Brown distributing books and certificates of recognition to one of many classes in a school in Corrientes, Argentina.

They made this wonderful sign. Notice me riding my bike towards Argentina with the blue and white flag. It reads: “Es necessario hacer de la vida un sueño y del sueño una realidad.” Which means: It is necessary to make our lives into a dream and to make our dreams our life.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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