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Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life

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Part 3

Part 3

Falling Uphill The Secret of Life Cover

Credits: Pictured above are some of the illustrators.

This book represents thousands of peoples efforts, some of which are pictured here in the shape of a bicycle. We all hope you enjoy this universal story of self-discovery. If so, please share our message with your friends. Specifically, thanks to Poplar Creek Elementary and all the schools in Argentina. (To protect people's privacy the full credits are available only in the printed books.) And thanks to the community leaders, teachers and hundreds of other people that made this book possible. It was an honor ~ Scott.

© 2013. You are encouraged to share this work, but it is forbidden to use this work for commercial purposes.

Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life

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Relive the adventure in the narrative adult edition

Falling Uphill a book by Scott Stoll

Falling Uphill (Parental guidance suggested)

One man's quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle

This is Scott's magnum opus, the best-selling book about his 4-year journey searching for the meaning of life (as featured in the New York Times), including many harrowing adventures, like being thrown in prison, mugged at gunpoint, nearly dying of dehydration, and equally as many heartwarming moments. Available in a paper book, audio book, ebook and there is also a young adult edition, childrens chapter book in both English and Spanish as well as an adult Korean edition. More info. Buy Now

Falling Uphill a book by Scott StollFalling Uphill a book by Scott StollCayendo Hacia Arriba:  El Secreto De La VidaFalling Uphill Korean edition

How to fall uphill

How to fall uphill by Scott Stoll

Here is a fun new graphic that I created. It has been simmering in my brain for years. I think it really captures the essence how doubt and fear are essential to any adventure. The trick is harnessing that emotional fuel and turning disadvantages into advantages. Available as a free classroom poster. Contact Scott.