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What is an Argonaut?

The Argo, by Lorenzo Costa, 16th century. The Argo was named after its shipbuilder Argus. Credit. The etymology of argonaut The Classic 1963 film using stop motion Jason’s ship the Argo depicted here in a Greek Merchant Marine stamp circa 1958 The word “argonaut” (Ancient Greek: Ἀργοναῦται) comes from an ancient tale sung of the… Continue Reading

Scott Stoll

Scott Stoll asked himself a question: “If I could do anything, what would I do?” His answer resulted in a quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle (32,344 miles, 4 years, 59 countries, 6 continents). His adventures are chronicled in his best-selling book “Falling Uphill,” a tale described as having moments from pure… Continue Reading

Press Room and Media Kit

Welcome You are welcome to use any images and short excerpts from this website for journalistic, educational or non-profit endeavors. To include a full custom story please contact us. Useful information About Scott Stoll FAQs about the world bicycle tour Photos and video “Great job yesterday! The anchors loved you, said only good things in… Continue Reading

Partners and Sponsors

Interested in helping sponsor an adventure or school visit or book donations? This is the right place to make a difference and inspire the world. Scott has paid for most of his adventures and volunteering by years of hard work as a graphic designer. But now that money is gone and we are running on… Continue Reading

Benefits of Partnership

The Argonauts is looking for partners and sponsors to help fund adventures and school visits and author-in-residence programs. Below is an example of some of the benefits from one of previous sponsored adventures. Many of these details still apply now. Read a story about another one of sponsored adventures. Scott’s sets a world record by… Continue Reading


The founding Argonauts Scott Stoll Adventurerer, Artist, Author Click here to read the updated Bio for Scott. Summer of 1997 was a turning point in Scott’s life. This is when he rode his bicycle across the USA, from coast to coast, in a coming-of-age quest. (Dennis and Scott became instant friends when they crossed paths… Continue Reading

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By advertising on The Argonauts you can help empower kids to dream, discover and make a difference in the world. All profits support our Make-A-Book Project See some our of partners. Advertising has many of the same benefits as sponsorship. Plus an opportunity to be seen by one of our hundreds of cross-media events. The… Continue Reading


Our Vision: To inspire people to venture into the unknown and turn their dreams into reality. No matter what you call it — adventure, expedition, the hero’s journey, wanderlust, walkabout, vision quest, coming-of-age ritual, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, the travel bug, voyage into the unknown, self-transcendence — or simply hope — whether your… Continue Reading

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User so this website agree to the following terms and conditions. In addition they agree to the terms and conditions outlined in: Privacy Policy Copyright Submission Guidelines Disclaimer It is our mission, at The Argonauts Inc., to give all our explorers and adventurers a medium of expression so that the people of the world may… Continue Reading

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We’ve spent years creating this quality content please credit us when sharing material. All content is expressly forbidden to be used for commercial purposes without permission. For copyright permissions, please contact us. If you believe any content is an infringement of copyright, please contact us with a description of the content and why you believe… Continue Reading

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We do not ever distribute any personal information whatsoever. Nor do we track our customers. However, if you contact us or make a purchase, you may be added to our newsletter, but you can unsubscribe at any time with the click of a button. However, Google and some Third Party plug-ins, like Paypal or Amazon,… Continue Reading

Jason and the Argonauts

The myth of Jason, the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece.
The Early Years: Jason was the son of the lawful king of Iolcus, but his uncle Pelias had usurped the throne. Pelias lived in constant fear of losing what he had taken so unjustly. He kept Jason’s father a prisoner and would certainly have murdered Jason at birth. But Jason’s mother deceived Pelias by mourning as if Jason had died. Meanwhile the infant was bundled off to the wilderness cave of Chiron the Centaur.

Jason and the Argonauts Part 3

The Argonauts, Castor and Pollux, capture Talos, the bronze giant, guardian of Crete. (Red-figured vase, 5th cent. B.C. Apulia, Italy.) Credit.   Jason and the Argonauts: Part 1 > Part 2 > Part 3 The Skeleton Warriors Behind Jason the seeds sprouted into an army of skeleton-like earthmen bristling with armor and double-pointed spears and… Continue Reading

Jason and the Argonauts Part 2

Jason and the Argonauts landing in Cholcis. 17th century painting, Château de Versailles, France. Credit.   Jason and the Argonauts: Part 1 > Part 2 > Part 3 The Clashing Rocks After a short stay, the Argonauts set sail on a favorable wind stirred up by the Goddess Athena. Soon they reached a narrow and… Continue Reading

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