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Mirabella the Monarch's Magical Migration book front cover

Mirabella the Monarch’s Magical Migration

A story about the most amazing migration on Earth and how one generation can inspire the next. Illustrated by Parker Woods Montessori elementary school. Synopsis: Every year the monarch butterflies undertake the most amazing migration on Earth. Over the course of four generations, they travel from Canada to Mexico and back. This is an educational… Continue Reading

Map and Table of Contents

Links for owners of Falling Uphill Map and Table of Contents Bonus Chapter: Do you believe in Aliens If you enjoyed the book… More bonus chapters coming including my Bollywood music video. This page is primarily for listeners of the audio book so that you can follow the journey on the map. Match the chapter… Continue Reading

Bonus Chapter

Do you believe in aliens? A spaceship that I discovered in the Australian Outback. Do you believe in aliens? Links for owners of Falling Uphill Map and Table of Contents Bonus Chapter: Do you believe in Aliens If you enjoyed the book… More bonus chapters coming including my Bollywood music video. This page is primarily… Continue Reading

Afterword: What are you doing now?

Bonus chapter: Afterword: What are you doing now? It’s been ten years since I returned to the United States. I’ve stopped counting how many miles I’ve ridden, but I’m close to the equivalent of my fourth lap around the world, though now I never stray far from my garden. For a year, I rode a… Continue Reading


Acclaim for Falling Uphill, the Best-Selling Coming-of-Age Journey Read more Falling Uphill reviews on Amazon, or add your own.Over one year in Amazon’s Top 100 Travel Memoirs. For over a year, Falling Uphill was in Amazon’s Top 100 best-selling travel memoirs. Industry reviews for Falling Uphill (the adult edition) and acclaim for the journey A… Continue Reading

Sample Chapters

Falling Uphill sample chapters, movies and a free book Read about my intriguing discovery and the theme of the book; and, see my friend Edwin trade a pen for a sheep as he tries to teach a Tibetian shepherd “a lesson”. This is a very funny story that falls into the section “Survival”. Download the… Continue Reading

Falling Uphill the Korean Edition

자전거로 나를 세운다 Adopt me and my bicycle Falling Uphill the classic epic travel quest comes to South Korea. “Falling Uphill” has been transliterated into something like “Adopt me and my bicycle” which is true enough, but is also translated as “Building yourself up with a Bicycle” which probably has a more colloquial meaning in… Continue Reading

Teacher and Reader Guides

We hope you enjoy these thought provoking questions, quizzes and more. Please send us any ideas you have. Reader’s Group Guide A list of thought provoking questions to help your group re-live the adventures of Falling Uphill: One man’s quest for happiness, and perhaps re-imagine the possibilities of life. Download the Reader’s Guide PDF. Submit… Continue Reading

Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life

A true story about finding happiness in the last place left to look. The children’s edition illustrated by Poplar Creek Elementary School As featured on Wisconsin Public Radio and dozens of other sources. Hello from Buenos Aires, Argentina! I came across a signed copy of your beautiful book, “Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life” yesterday….… Continue Reading

Falling Uphill: The Young Adult Edition

The acclaimed best-selling book, Falling Uphill, has been re-imagined for a new audience. The true story of one man’s quest around the world on a bicycle seeking the meaning of life. To help make this book available to low-income schools, I’ve decided to publish it online one frequently asked question at a time. The print… Continue Reading

Falling Uphill Anniversary Edition: One man's quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle. By Scott Stoll.

Falling Uphill

One man’s quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle. The 2017 Anniversary Edition is finally here. New Print, E-book and Audio Book. The best-selling travel memoir returns. I’ve traveled the world by bicycle to discover the “secrets” of life, and I’ve spent many more years to digest what I learned, exemplify the lessons… Continue Reading

Cayendo Hacia Arriba

El Secreto de la Vida Este es el libro independiente de mejor venta, Cayendo Hacia Arriba, re-imaginado e ilustrado por escuelas primarias de Argentina. (The best-selling book, Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life, re-imagined and re-illustrated by elementary students in Argentina.) As featured on Infobae and dozens of other sources throughout the Americas. Hello from… Continue Reading

The Cupcake Boy

A story about learning to live a life of passion. Illustrated by Amy Belle Elementary School Synopsis: The Cupcake Boy is the story about a boy who makes the most beautiful and tasty cupcakes in the world; however, the villagers take the boy for granted. So disheartened, he leaves his home wondering: “Why should I… Continue Reading

Ruby the Red Worm’s Dirty Job

A story about composting and over-coming bullying in favor of the bigger picture. Illustrated by the Waukesha STEM Academy elementary school. As featured in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Synopsis: Ruby the Red Worm is a humorous and educational introduction to composting and the essential role worms serve in the ecosystem. More importantly, it is a story… Continue Reading

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