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What kind of bicycle did you ride around the world

How to choose a touring bicycle. My bike, Yerba Mate, is quite famous. It has been requested to appear on TV numerous times, featured in newspaper articles (without me), been photographed 1000’s of times and Yerba has even won a place on the race podium without having to win the race. If your hankering for… Continue Reading

The Top 10 List

Best and Worst Things in the World Updated: 2015-02 Here is my ever-changing, ever-incomplete and ever-subjective top 10 list of the best and worst the world has to offer from the seat of a bicycle. Top 10 List of best bike rides in the world Pacific Coast from Vancouver to San Diego Avenue of the… Continue Reading

Were you ever injured

The Bionic Scott Above is a picture of the inside of my knee. Almost two years ago I was knocked off my bicycle by a reckless motorist who ran a stop sign. As you can see the cartilage was torn and frayed and I had to have the loose pieces removed. It almost ended my… Continue Reading

Supply List for World Bicycle Tour

Supply Kit for a bicycle tour around the world Visit some of our friends that helped sponsor the adventures Runnerclick. Gearweare. TheGearhunt. The rule of thumb when preparing for a trip is to leave half of everything at home and you’ll still be carrying too much. Supply lists seem forever incomplete and outdated — this… Continue Reading

How to ride a bicycle around the world?

For more information how to plan a bike tour around the world see: Intro (why) FAQs: (how, what, etc.) The Bicycle Supply List Money/Budget Resources, Advice, Health and Safety Money Tips & Tricks How does one define bicycling around the world? Well, you wouldn’t get very far trying to bicycle around the equator since it… Continue Reading

How much does it cost to cycle around the world?

Money and budget: The third most important factor to travel. This is the actual cost. Our trip was in 2001-2005, so I think everything got more expensive. Below you can read about how we estimated the cost of riding a bicycle around the world. Also see the supply list and tips and tricks for info… Continue Reading

Health and Safety

Health: The Most Important Factor While Traveling What happens if you get sick or injured? By Dennis Snader I vividly recall the scene in the San Francisco restaurant. I was seated with my fellow riders in the midst of a bicycle trip down the West Coast. The conversation turned to what was next in life… Continue Reading

Frequently Asked Questions

About how to ride a bicycle around the world FAQ’s, tips and tricks to help you plan your next adventure. Need more answers? These FAQ’s are a summary of the young adult edition of Falling Uphill. The print edition has fun stories to illustrate each question. It is easy to read, comes with photos, a… Continue Reading

Favorite Photos

Favorite Pictures of the World Bicycle Tour Some of the best pictures of my trip from over 4,000 photographs, featured in newspapers all over the world. (Of course, I’m saving the best of the best for the book and slideshows.) Most of the photos were taken on an 35mm film Canon Rebel. It survived all… Continue Reading

The before and after picture

And the All-You-Can-Eat Diet Here is my before and after picture after riding my bicycle around the world. I like to think that the change on the inside is even more dramatic. I lost 65 pounds of fat and gained 15 pounds of muscle. Those pounds really melted off after eating a salmonella sandwich in… Continue Reading

Was the weather good?

Flooding in Argentina. Hard to find a safe camping spot. Weather and Climate: The Second Most Important Factor While Traveling By Dennis Snader I love Louis Armstrong’s version of “Nothing But Blue Skies.” If only the weather could always be as Louis describes it. Obviously the reality is that during my bicycle adventure around the… Continue Reading

How do you ride a bicycle around the world?

How does one define bicycling around the world? As you can by the map of Scott’s world bicycle tour, some decisions as to what defines the world need to be made. Well, you wouldn’t get very far trying to bicycle around the equator since it is mostly water. However, you could try lugging your bicycle… Continue Reading

World Bicycle Touring Videos

I don’t have very many videos from my trip, but I think you will find the following representative of cycling around the world. Visit YouTube to post a comment, see a high-resolution version or subscribe to my video blog. Falling Uphill: The short film. Quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle New widescreen… Continue Reading

Scott Stoll's before and after picture of his bicycle tour around the world.

Around the world by bicycle

One man’s quest for happiness 4 years, 41,444 Kilometers (25,752 miles), 59 Countries, 6 Continents and 4 moments of enlightenment In one week, Scott Stoll lost his job, his best friend, hisA girlfriend and his confidence. Disillusioned with society, full of angst, a lost and wandering soul with nothing left to lose, Stoll asked himself… Continue Reading

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