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My most popular story in the Americas


Here is one of my most popular articles. It appeared in various forms in almost all countries from Argentina all the way up to Canada and about a 1000 people “liked” it.

Viajó por el mundo en bicicleta y halló la felicidad. Meaning: “He traveled the world and found happiness.”

Or read the translated version by Google.

Update: Here is the follow up story on after the publication of the new book illustrated by the local Argentina schools, “Cayendo Hacia Arriba”. Pictured below is Ambassdor Martinez, Press Attaché Shannon Farrell (the woman who made it all happen),  Director Javier Canepa and the professors and staff of Escuela Pública Nro. 3 “Arturo Marasso”, Escuela Nº 26 “Dardo Rocha” and Escuela Nº 13 “Armada Argentina”.

La embajadora de los EEUU Vilma Martínez visitó el barrio de Carlos Tevez

Another one of my favorite stories was this article that originally appeared in the Buenos Aires Herald, titled “Soul Rider“.

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