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Where the Road Ends and the Walking Begins

By Robert Foote The Cameroon Association of University Women organized a workshop in Bamenda, on the counseling of girl street vendors, which the Global Fund sponsored. This is the story of one woman, and how her real education began the moment she set out to travel the world. This is Tecla David, an AMRU bee-keeping… Continue Reading

A Poetic Journey

By Elz Cuya In celebration of National Poetry Month, I sought a story on traveling poets — it wasn’t difficult. It seems that the theme of journeying is a universal one. Here, Joi Barrios, author of Sweetened Fruit and Other Love Poems, talks about the poetry that speaks through journeying. While Abena Songbird, author of… Continue Reading

Mike and Linda’s Adventures

Follow the adventures of Linda and Mike. They: quit their jobs, sold their car, rented their condominium and took an 18 month journey to disconnect and reconnect to what’s important. They’ve been through Central and South America, New Zealand and Australia, and are now in Southeast Asia. This is one of the few examples we… Continue Reading

Search for Extraterrestrial Life From Your Home

By Robert Foote The imfamous grey alien. For thousands of years, humans have looked towards the heavens in wonder — perhaps inspired, perhaps afraid, but always in awe, always questioning: Who created all this? What’s out there? Are we alone in the universe? Will we ever break free of our little world and find answers… Continue Reading

India Enters the Pollution Age

by Hasnain Ziuaddin Indian Correpondent I am a 14 year old kid with an interest in writing articles about present lifestyles. I also have a vast imagination. You could say I have created a virtual world. Follow my adventure to clean the land, water and air pollution of my beloved country, India. Pollution in my… Continue Reading

Throwing Stones to Save the World

Several years ago, Mikkel Aaland on a quest for peace, placed Shinto stones in South Africa, the Philippines, and Germany. Shortly thereafter, South African apartheid came to an end, President Marcos left the Philippines and the Berlin Wall came crumbling down.

Move over ClubMed – here comes ClubMir

Click here to read more of Brooks Space Tourism Column: To The Stars TO THE STARS! By Brook E. Mantia Although some consider it more “Motel 6” than “ClubMed,” the Mir space station is being resurrected and transformed into the first tourist destination in space. “ClubMir” is now commercially available to international users who seek… Continue Reading

For the Love of Travel

Traveling around the world for tens years after college left her with an enormous craving for more adventure. “Once you start it’s hard to stop,” Janine explains.

A Traveler Honors Her Soul

Cheryl Friedman can’t hold the same job for more than three years. This isn’t because she’s irresponsible, or untalented, it’s because she can’t let three years go by without taking a long trip.

To The Stars

Welcome to my space tourism column! Introduction By Brook E. Mantia Dennis Tito: A true space pioneer 2001-05-15 Adventures of a Space Tourist in Las Vegas 2000-08-06 Space Renaissance Man: John S. Spencer 2000-06 Space Programs YOU Can Join 2000-05 Move over ClubMed – here comes ClubMir! 2000-03

Meet Goran Kropp

By Elz Cuya Pictures courtesy of Göran Kropp There is an update on Scott’s friendship with Göran in his new book Falling Uphill. You can also read the first edition of this story for free on the GearJunkie. In my anniversary edition, I expand this story with additions from my (previously) lost journals including what… Continue Reading

Welcome to my space tourism column!

TO THE STARS! By Brook E. Mantia Click here to read more of Brooks Space Tourism Column: To The Stars Space has always been the domain of astronauts, rocket scientists, and assorted “experts” who have the “Right Stuff.” NASA has guarded the gates of space like jealous priests before the temple, where only those judged… Continue Reading

Our Pacific Coast Bicycle Trip

Read more of Dick and Ingrid Adams adventures as the bicycle around the USA during retirement By Richard Adams Dick & Ingrid on the Oregon Coast Summer 1999 Since my retirement three years ago, my wife Ingrid and I have bicycled twice across the United States, from coast to coast, within a year. The first… Continue Reading

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