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Environmental Awareness

Human Population Growth Chart

This graph illustrates the exponential growth of the human race and consumption of non-renewable resources. The question isn’t it it will stop, but when?

Is bicycling bad for the environment?

Top 10 reasons bicycling is bad for the environment Some food for thought as to the consequences of our every-day actions. (One of my favorites articles, reposted for those who missed it.) 1. Law of entropy. Everything is bad for the environment, because everything consumes more energy than it produces. The real question: Can humans… Continue Reading

Polar Ice Sheets Shrinking Worldwide

Here is an article by National Geographic News about the polar ice melting; and, I can’t stop thinking how I would love to go river rafting down this glacial melt.

Todd Hall Elementary School

Last week I got to visit a school in the Chicago area. The art teacher Ms. Holly thought of making an elephant sculpture out of recyclable laundry detergent bottles.

Growing Power

Sustainable Living: As seen by a man who cycled the world. I am excited to participate in the Growing Power Conference this week.


One of my favorite books as a kid was Kon-Tiki.Here’s an interesting adventure that I’ve been following. Plastiki, a boat made of 12,000 plastic bottles nears end of Pacific voyage.

Why the oil spill is a good thing!

Here’s an exercise in thinking positive using the BP oil spill as an example. Also, it seems one of the byproducts of traveling the world is a desire for social activism, because I never imagined thinking of stuff like this.

How much oxygen does a car breathe?

We are all aware of our reliance on fossil fuels and their byproduct of greenhouse gases and poisons. But have you ever wondered about the oxygen needed to burn the fuel?

Sustainable Futures

I recently did an in-depth interview in Vancouver for Sustainable Futures with Ryan Fletcher. This two part episode features stories of my travels framed in the context of creating a sustainable future and the rise of a global consciousness.

Eco-Footprint Label

Introducing the Eco-Footprint Label, a nutrition label for the planet. Helping make environmentally-conscious decisions by informing shoppers of the “ingredients” in their packaging and costs of shipping.

Thailand and Laos by Bike

By Stacy Fowler with Elz Cuya Our nine to five jobs certainly take a toll on us. That’s why you want to be certain you get the most out of your vacation. One World Bicycle Expeditions in Thailand promises exactly that, through eco-tourism. Torsak and Katie. Photos courtesy of One World Bike Expeditions. Eco-tourism offers… Continue Reading

More news from the South

The land way way down under by Vilmar Tavares Read the complete journals of Vilmar’s Antarctic adventure. By Vilmar Tavares 14 OCTOBER, 2000 Hi everyone! Today I had an “interesting” McMurdo moment. They say that having a good life is nothing more than a matter of good timing and possibly location and genes. I just… Continue Reading

An adventure way way down under

The land way way down under by Vilmar Tavares Read the complete journals of Vilmar’s Antarctic adventure. Editor’s Note: Vilmar Tavares has just arrived in Antarctica for a six month work assignment (one of the few ways a person is allowed on this continent). His first letter doesn’t waste any words,”DAMMIT it is COLD here!… Continue Reading

Getting an Education During Summer Vacation

Dr. Lillian Larson: “I travel in order to enrich my life and the life of others. I feel that I can help bring remote parts of the world a little closer together.”

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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