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Our Mission: To inspire people to embrace their fears and turn their dreams into reality. (We’ve been featuring adventurers since 1999, before “blog” was even a word.) To contribute your inspirational story contact us.

More news from the South

The land way way down under by Vilmar Tavares Read the complete journals of Vilmar’s Antarctic adventure. By Vilmar Tavares 14 OCTOBER, 2000 Hi everyone! Today I had an “interesting” McMurdo moment. They say that having a good life is nothing more than a matter of good timing and possibly location and genes. I just… Continue Reading

The Making of a Mountain Climber

Paul Mansky: “You’re on top of the world, vast views and vistas in every direction. 5,000 feet down to the floor of the valley. You can see in all directions, perfect blue sky, the wind blowing… “

Sometimes Adventure Just Gets in Your Bones

By Scott Stoll Read more of Dick and Ingrid Adams adventures as the bicycle around the USA during retirement Dick and Ingrid Adams are a retired couple bicycling the Pacific Coast this summer. After a ferry ride to Alaska, they started their bicycle trip in Seattle, Washington and are traveling south to San Diego, California.… Continue Reading

An adventure way way down under

The land way way down under by Vilmar Tavares Read the complete journals of Vilmar’s Antarctic adventure. Editor’s Note: Vilmar Tavares has just arrived in Antarctica for a six month work assignment (one of the few ways a person is allowed on this continent). His first letter doesn’t waste any words,”DAMMIT it is COLD here!… Continue Reading

Her Sacred Island

By Elz Cuya Gia prepares her equipment before filming a group of fishermen at Favignana. I first learned of filmmaker, Gia Marie Amella, through my friend Frances. Frances would rave on and on about her sister Gia, a Fulbright scholar who just spent a year in Sicily to film a documentary intended for public television,… Continue Reading

Lisa Kristine: A Photographer at Home with the World

By Elz Cuya Red Calm, Bagan, Burma. The experience of traveling has always been a great mentor for me, a far greater mentor than academia. ~ Lisa Kristine Earlier this month, the State of the World Forum convened in San Francisco, an event that is meant to inspire discussions on human rights, global security and… Continue Reading

Feature Photo: The Treasury

Editor’s Note: These photographs may look old-fashioned now, but when we first started posting photos most images were scanned in from film negatives, and the resolution on the internet was very poor. Images needed to be only a few kilobytes so that you could download them with a phone modem; now they are thousands of… Continue Reading

Getting an Education During Summer Vacation

Dr. Lillian Larson: “I travel in order to enrich my life and the life of others. I feel that I can help bring remote parts of the world a little closer together.”

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