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Touring supplies I never needed

There have been a few additions to my kit this time round.

  • B.O.B. Trailer in addition to panniers to carry all my extra books
  • Cell phone
  • Laptop
  • Wifi finder
  • iPod touch for showing people movies and slideshows on the go, plus this thing has wifi and google maps
  • Really really really thinking of selling half my soul to buy an iPhone. This has an application for GPS tracking and can upload my route and photos to google maps instantly.
  • 1 case of books, plus promotional material
  • A stack of CDs of my new audio book
  • A video camera
  • Keys and cords and adapters to all this stuff
  • Vitamins for my aching and aging body. God bless me with tailwinds.
  • And about 30 lbs of extra fat and calcium deposits in my joints and sludge in veins from sitting here in front of a computer

Things I really never needed.

  • GPS tracker
  • Fancy clothes, including jeans
  • Games
  • Deodorant
  • And much more



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