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Greatest Bicycle Ride in the World

Having cycled over 60,000 miles, I feel confident saying that bicycling down the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County, California through the grooves of redwood trees thousands of years old is easily in the top ten bike rides in the world by just about anyone’s standards, and in my humble opinion it’s the best I’ve ever done. (Download the original video clip.) 720 x 480 resolution. MOV file. 66 MB. 1:18 min.

My favorite video — Kids chasing me in Lesotho

Kids chasing me as I cycled through their villages was an everyday event in every country. Often I would stop and be mobbed by dozens of enthusiastic children. It has been very rewarding to have inspired tens of thousands of children all over the world. Once someone who saw the video, back when I thought it was quite ordinary, said to me, “How could someone who made so many children happy ever be sad?” (Download the orginal video clip.) Very low resolution. AVI file.3 MB. 0:23 sec.

My second favorite video — Mountain Pass

Riding a fully-loaded touring bicycle up a 33% grade (note: it’s considered unsafe in the USA to build a road steeper than 6%) on Black Mountain, Sani Pass in Lesotho through the mud and snow. A funny video that even impresses me, and I did it. It’s painful to watch, yet makes me want to hop on the ol’ bike again and have another adventure. (Download the orginal video clip.) Low resolution. AVI file.9 MB. 0:29 sec.

Cycling Down a Treacherous Gravel Mountain Road

Riding a fully-loaded touring bike down a treacherous gravel mountain road in Lesotho. (Download the orginal video clip.) Low resolution. AVI file.44 MB. 2:23 sec.

Man Enjoying Life

One of the interesting people that I met during my ride. A Basuthu man plays a homemade instrument made out of a gas can, rebar and wire. (Download the orginal video clip1 and clip 2.) Low resolution. AVI files.

Downhill on a bike

Attempting to break 80 KPH downhill on a fully-loaded touring bicycle. It’s hard to overcome the wind resistance, not to mention the fear of blowing your front tire. (Download the orginal video clip.) Low resolution. AVI file. 24 MB. 1:44 min.

Scott riding a fully-loaded touring bike

This short video is the only footage I have of me riding a fully-loaded touring bike on my world tour, though there were certainly a lot of tourists who would lean out of their car windows while filming me cycling down the Stuart Highway in Australia, as if I were a game animal on a safari. (I must have been the only thing they had seen for miles.) Unfortunately, not one stopped to offer to me a copy of the video or a cold drink. (Download the orginal video clip.) Low resolution. AVI file.4.5 MB. 0:14 sec.

Generic clip of Scott in his bicycling gear, fully-loaded touring bike, and Zululand, South Africa.

A generic video with a couple nice pans of Scott and the bike. (Download the original clip.) Low resolution. AVI file.7 MB. 0:24 sec.

Generic clip of Scott pedaling along Lake Michigan

A generic video with a nice shot of spinning the pedals. (Download the original clip.) 640×480 resolution. AVI file. 27 MB. 30 seconds.

There are also a lot of media interviews such as this one:

CBS KION 46 — Monterey Evening News

Biking the world with P.J. Javaheri

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