Cycling Europe. Courtesy of Memory Catcher
Cycling Europe.

4 Europe Cycling Tours You’ll Enjoy

A healthy and relaxing adventure

If you’re looking for an active and healthy, but also exhilarating holiday, setting out to a cycling tour is the best choice. While passionate cyclers wouldn’t think twice about hitting the road, those who prefer recreational cycling should also pack their bags and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience, riding through some of the most beautiful European countries. I’m talking from experience when I say that cycling tours through Europe can only broaden your horizons and make you come back to another fantastic adventure, so book your flights, pack your bike and get yourself out there as soon as possible.


I’ve never thought I’d have the courage to pack my bags, and start cycling across a foreign country with so many other cycling aficionados. What was once just a fun recreational activity, eventually became a great passion that took me to beautiful Italy. It’s the perfect destination for those who’d just like to enjoy leisure cycling. An eight-day tour I took in Sardinia was the best beginner’s experience I’d warmly recommend to all of you who are trying out the charms of cycling for the first time. The guided and supported ride will give you an insight into the entire island, offering you the opportunity to enjoy all the wonders of Sardinia.

Senior Citizens Cycling Austria. Courtesy of Antranias


For all of you who’d like to enjoy gorgeous mountain views during a relaxing ride, a tour through Austrian lakes and mountains will be a true delight. The beautiful lakeside cycle paths are perfect for all of those who are in no rush to get to the finish line but want to relish all the wonders of mesmerizing lakes. Take a downhill ride and go through St. Gilgen, explore the loveliness of Bad Ischl and don’t miss the lovely Lake Hallstatt. I recommend going for a walk, swim or trip by boat after you’ve cycled for a while. It’ll be a perfect break after a leisure cycling tour.


Once you’ve explored all the charms of easy-going cycling, you’ll want to take the enjoyment to another level. The feeling of adrenaline rush while you mountain-bike through the Sierra Nevada national park is unlike anything else you’ve experienced in your life. Away from all the city’s hustle and bustle, and completely in touch with nature is what makes this cycling experience worthwhile. A three- to eight-day trip to Pure Mountains is all you need to feel reborn.


Use the opportunity to see one of the most remarkable mountain peaks and set out to a Switzerland adventure. Enjoy a view of the breathtaking Matterhorn while mountain biking through some of the enchanting trails of the Alps. The wooded alleys alongside glacial peaks would truly make a trip to Zermatt worth all the money and time. Once you’ve ridden through the Alps, you’ll forget all about park riding, and mountain bike tours will become your next favorite activity.

Final Thoughts

It’s safe to say that embarking on my first cycling tour was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and discovered a completely new and exciting world. Therefore, all of you who are in search of something wonderful, start your cycling adventure right now and see the incredible world around you.

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