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Benefits of Partnership

The Argonauts is looking for partners and sponsors to help fund adventures and school visits and author-in-residence programs. Below is an example of some of the benefits from one of the previous sponsored adventures. Many of these details still apply now. Read a story about another one of sponsored adventures. Scott’s sets a world record by riding a bicycle across the Ohio River — No, it’s not frozen. And some of our partners here.

Scott Stoll, founder of theArgonauts, is looking for mutually beneficial partnerships for his upcoming bicycle tour circumnavigating the country on a bicycle promoting the inspirational message of his new book Falling Uphill.

Scott Stoll Shuttle Bike Kit Ohio River
One of Scott’s sponsored adventures was to ride across the Ohio River on a bicycle.

Among working with sponsors to help fulfill their goals in a co-creative and mutually beneficial manner, Scott can also provide:

  • Cycling to your business locations across the country presenting his story in an inspirational slideshow and book signing, which have drawn crowds of up to 200 people, which means bringing 200 potential customers to your door.
  • Brand awareness to hundreds of thousands of people over a one year period, including: media interviews, organized rides, presentations, thousands of Falling Uphill and Argonaut fans, and the dozens of people I meet every day on the road. And if the book goes critical mass, the number of fans could skyrocket into the millions.
  • Demonstrating the enthusiastic use and functionality of related products, and feedback for the R&D of products. See my article by the Gear Junkie in Outside Magazine.
  • Interviews and photo opportunities and name dropping. Scott has been interviewed numerous times, including media giants such as the New York Times. Scott is frequently questioned about his supply kit and travel and self-improvement logistics.
  • Sponsors will also have their logo presented during Scott’s popular slideshow.
  • Prominent advertising on, including banner and skyscraper advertising, text links in relevant stories, realistic and beneficial advertorials, promotion in his monthly newsletter, and more…
  • Scott would also like to work with sponsors to create a one-time Adventure Scholarship Fund and donate part of his profits to the fund.
  • And more.

Partners can help provide Scott with:

  • A truly symbiotic working relationship with products and businesses that Scott actual uses and endorses.
  • Financial support to help fuel the tour and critical mass.
  • Administrative support, which may be more important than money. Can your marketing team help Scott or Falling Uphill be in the right place at the right time? Do you know the right person?

That’s the short story. Please contact Scott to co-create mutually beneficial goals.

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