Privacy Policy

We do not ever distribute any personal information whatsoever. Nor do we track our customers. However, if you contact us or make a purchase, you may be added to our newsletter, but you can unsubscribe at any time with the click of a button.

However, Google and some Third Party plug-ins, like Paypal or Amazon, may track your ISP number in regards to serving you targeted ads or remember if you left any items in your shopping cart and things like this, but as far as we understand they do not necessarily know who you are or store your personal information either, unless, of course, you confirm your purchase. More information on Google’s policy below. Note: if you have a Google account you can choose your Google privacy settings. You can also “disable cookies” in your web browser to prevent companies from tracking you.

User Agreement

Please take a moment to read this agreement before using our service. By continuing to use www. you, the user, agree to the terms of this agreement as follows: The content of The Argonauts Inc. and are intended for the personal, non-commercial use of its users. WARNING: individuals, institutions, corporations, governments, or their agents, are expressly forbidden to violate our privacy policy.

This is what Google says about its internet-based advertising:

Interest-based advertising will allow advertisers to show ads based on a user’s previous interactions with them, such as visits to advertiser website and also to reach users based on their interests (e.g. “sports enthusiast”). To develop interest categories, we will recognize the types of web pages users visit throughout the Google content network. As an example, if they visit a number of sports pages, we will add them to the “sports enthusiast” interest category. To learn more about your associated account settings, please visit the AdSense Help Center at:

As a result of this announcement, your privacy policy will now need to reflect the use of interest-based advertising. Please review the information at to ensure that your site’s privacy policies are up-to-date, and make any necessary changes by April 8, 2009. Because publisher sites and laws vary across countries, we’re unfortunately unable to suggest specific privacy policy language.

For more information about interest-based advertising, you can also visit the Inside AdSense Blog at

We appreciate your participation and look forward to this upcoming enhancement.

The Google AdSense Team


PRIVACY NOTICE: Any person and / or institution and / or Agent and / or Agency of any governmental structure using or monitoring this website or any of its associated sites, including but not limited to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Etc., DO NOT have permission to use any of my, Scott Stoll, profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my books, photos, and / or the comments made about my books, posts, photos or any other thing posted, except for what is noted in copyright. You are hereby notified that it is strictly prohibited to disclose, copy, distribute or take any other action against me, Scott Stoll, or any other person associated with me, or this website,, with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The previous prohibitions also apply to your employee, agent, student, or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of this profile are private and confidential information and sensitive. The violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law. UCC 1-103 1-308

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