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When first came online in 1999, our vision was to give adventurers a forum to share their hopes and dreams and pass along the boon of their adventures, like new ideas and lessons learned. We were an online adventure magazine before the concept of webzine, blog or guest post existed, and long before social media was created and made it easy to share content. In fact, the only way many adventurers had to share their inspirational story was to email us and have us post their story online. Many people wanted us to automate these features, which would have essentially been one of the first blogging platforms. was ahead of its time, and unfortunately could never find the estimated $50-100,000 to create the features that companies like Facebook and WordPress now make so free and easy for everyone.

Even with the invention of social media, we still love to share your story; and it gives all of us greater reach. So, don’t forget to submit your inspirational story.


Feature Explorer

Feature Explorers:

Al Humphreys cycling in SudanJust Giving

Meet Goran Kropp Meet Göran Kropp

Rounding The Horn

david clarkThe Oldest Person to Sail Solo Around the World

Thailand and Laos by Bike

Throwing Stones to Save the World

Women Across the Millennia: A Greek Adventure

Cameroon Where the Road Ends and the Walking Begins

This is the story of one woman, and how her real education began the moment she set out to travel the world.

A Traveler Honors Her Soul

Baines-camel festivalFor the Love of Travel

A Photographer is at Home with the World

“The experience of traveling has always been a great mentor for me, a far greater mentor than academia.”

Her Sacred Island

“I wanted to show what it’s like to live in a country that never really found its place.”

Getting an Education During Summer Vacation

Dr. Lillian Larson: “I travel in order to enrich my life and the life of others. I feel that I can help bring remote parts of the world a little closer together.”

The Making of a Mountain Climber

Paul Mansky: “You’re on top of the world, vast views in every direction. 5,000 feet down to the floor of the valley… perfect blue sky… the wind blowing… “

Encounter Your Soul in Antarctica

“Where would you go to find the answers to life’s deepest questions? Is there a God? Why am I here? Is there life after death?” For seventy-six year old Professor Graham Collier, the answers were found in Antarctica.

Havana In and Out of Cuba

An Illegal Trip Turns into a Financial Nightmare

Re-Realizing My Roots

A Wedding Offers a Double Dose of Indian Culture


Before social media existed or mobile devices became commonplace, The Argonauts gave dozens of people a chance to share their story as it was happening. Here are some of our favorite adventures.

Doug Sovern on Mount EverestA Trip to Mount Everest

KCBS news reporter updates his trip via satellite phone, including news of 6 deaths.

Photo Pictorial Antarctica

See the photo pictorial or read the complete journals of his Antarctic adventure.

Mississippi SteamboatDown the Mississippi River by canoe

Retired couple bicycles Alaska

See the photo pictorial or read the complete journals of their Alaskan Adventure.

manfred shulze riding a horse Around the world by horse

Promoting a world without borders

The Americas and Europe on a bicycle

Cycling the North Eastern United States


To The Stars: Space Toursim

Backyard Adventures

Making a living while traveling the world

Photo Pictorials:

Yucatan Photo Pictorial

Discoveries of American Highways

“Like being in a giant amusement park, alternating between ever-changing geography and roadside curios.”

EGYPT: A Ride Into The Desert, My Friend?

Thailand: A Photographer’s Eden

TIBET: A World Away

African Photo Pictorial

pictorial photo The Faces of Everyday Life

pictorial photo Iranian Photo Pictorial

The Treasury, Petra, JordanFeature photo

Famous Explorers:

Jupiter and Voyager 1Explorer of the Cosmos, Journeyman of the Mind

Jane GoodallTarzan’s Real Jane

The Amateur

We came in peace for all mankind

Miscellaneous Stories

Everything is an adventure if you have eyes filled with wonder.

The Legacy of Julia

Burning Man — A pagan desert fiesta

Search for Extraterrestrial Life From Your Home


Denis Hayes No You Didn’t Miss Earth Day…

Because Earth Day is Everyday

TattooThe Traveling Tattoo Artist

Argentine Tango

An Emotion that turns into Dance

A Poetic Journey

A story on traveling poets, Joi Barrios and Abena Songbird

What’s your favorite poem?

American Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky

And a few more classic journeys types.

The following are miscellaneous travelogues. These were email updates before the era of digital devices and social media that we posted so the world could follow along with the journey in real-time. They are perhaps not very interesting in retrospect; however, they represent some classic solutions to an alternative lifestyle of living on the road.

  • Dennis Snader: Dennis shares stories about his bicycle trip around the world with Scott.
  • Hannu Berghäll: Backpacking Asia and teaching English in China.
  • Mike and Linda: Quit their jobs, sold their car, rented their condominium and took an 18 month journey to disconnect and reconnect to what’s important.
  • Marty Page: An Aussie Gap Year. The Australian ritual of fun and more fun for recent college graduates.
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