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Location: Everest Base Camp

Hey Gang!

I’m alive and well at 18,000+ feet. I’ve tried to call people and KCBS the last couple of days but the satellite phones have been crapping out. Probably all the snow we’ve been having here on Everest. Now I’ve found someone with a solid connection and a laptop, so…. Greetings from Everest Base Camp! What an awesome adventure! Yesterday, we summitted Kala Pattar, at 18,500 feet, with incredible views of the Everest Summit. Today we actually climbed partway up Everest, something that was not on the itinerary! We climbed up thru the Khumbu Ice Fall, to 18,250 feet, using the fixed ropes and everything. It was the most fun I’ve had in the snow in years. It was a bit hairy, but what a blast! We stopped at the point where people die, and turned around, with our mountaineer pals. Now it’s all downhill from here; we leave Base Camp tomorrow and start heading down the mountain. No one has reached the summit yet; the weather has been unexpectedly atrocious, with heavy snow and fierce winds up top. The snow is chest high up on top, so no one has been able to make it. Perhaps this weekend. Signing off for now… and hoping to do a live shot on the radio shortly.


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