An Adventure Translating Japanese Horror Stories

Editor’s note: As always we like to post stories of peoples dreams and their adventure to turn those dreams into reality. In this case, it is the adventure of storytelling. This guest post is by Aeron Yung. His parents are from Hong Kong, but he was born in the Netherlands. His primary languages are Chinese (Cantonese) and Dutch. As you will see he fell in love with a type of Japenese horror story in the form of a riddle. He shares a bit of his dream and his favorite story.

Hey everyone. My name is Aeron. I started reading when I was small, and it’s a hobby I never got rid off. Nowadays I mostly read at night, since I have to work or go to the university in the morning and afternoon. The night is when I have all the free time for myself. Horror books are what I enjoy the most. It keeps you awake but still leaves you with the need to continue chapter after chapter. My grandpa is the one who gave me the hobby when I was younger. He always told me the stories before bedtime. After the stories, I was always afraid to sleep alone, so my grandpa will come and sleep next to me.

Besides reading, my grandpa also gave me another hobby: riddles. The thrill of solving a riddle is a truly amazing feeling. The best riddles are ones that are so logical, and yet leave you clueless. As I grew older, I went from horror stories to horror movies. The movies even scare me more because of something suddenly popping up on the screen. Eventually, I became immune to it. And the riddles? I know all of the popular riddles already. New ones are simply not as great or are just a variation of the popular ones. For a little while, I didn’t bother with the riddles anymore. And read less as well, because of the big amount I have to read for school already.

One time I was searching around for some horror stories and ended up with Japanese horror stories. They are very different from the books I read. They are all short, most of them less than half a page. I loved the way it worked. The meaning is not obvious at first sight. You have to read it twice to understand completely. I felt like a new world has opened for me. A riddle is implemented in the story. In order to find the “weird” part, you will have to solve the riddle.

I decided to make a website. A website containing these interesting stories. At first, I only translated the stories. Later I’ve had some great ideas and started writing myself. Unfortunately, English is not my native language, but I am still trying my best to express the story I have in mind. I hope to amuse all of you with these stories. Today, I will share one I made myself with you.

Definition of stalker

Do you know the definition of stalker? “A person who harasses another person, in a stealthy manner.” Straight out of the dictionary. I am not sure if the definition applies to Bob Jenkins, my neighbor. He is an odd one. He stares at me every time he has the chance. It freaks me out. The fact he’s not even trying to hide it is what makes me uncomfortable. Every night when I take out the garbage, he’s on the same spot, near the window. He stares through the windows of his house, directly into my eyes. I’ve thought about moving away from this place. But at the moment it’s just not convenient. And is it really a valid reason? No, I’m not leaving because of Bobby, even if he is a stalker. I should approach him tomorrow, and have a talk with him. Now I think about it. I’ve never seen him leave his house recently. What happened? Bobby wasn’t always like this. We’ve never been really close, but I did invite him over a couple of times. He’s the average neighbor, the kind of guy who is just there, the kind of guy who has nothing special but still fits in every situation. The definition of stalker doesn’t fit him. I don’t like the new Bobby. The new Bobby intimidates me. I turn on the TV on the news channel. The reporter is talking about corpses that have been found recently. Wait a minute… The bodies are found nearby! I have a bad feeling about this. The next night, when I take out the garbage, Bobby is there again.

Author’s Note:  So did you notice anything weird? I can tell you, the definition of stalker definitely applies to Bob Jenkins. But the definition of killer and murderer goes to the main character. He is the one who killed all those people and hid the corpses. Bob suspects him.

For more stories please visit Aeron’s website

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