World Bicycle Touring Videos

I don’t have very many videos from my trip, but I think you will find the following representative of cycling around the world. Visit YouTube to post a comment, see a high-resolution version or subscribe to my video blog.

Falling Uphill: The short film.
Quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle

New widescreen HD version with never-seen-before footage. A montage of photos and videos from Scott’s 4-year, 26,000-mile bicycle tour around the world. Previously a Youtube Feature Video and specially requested for the Boston Bicycle Film Festival and showcased on many more.

The short version:

The long version:

I nearly cried watching this video. Just a normal guy and look what he has achieved. ~

Falling Uphill Chapter 25:
Would you please visit my family?

Dennis and Scott visit Machu Picchu, Peru and bicycle through the Bolivian Alto Plano and share a meal with some indigenous people in a mud hut.

Flip through Falling Uphill: The Young Adult Edition

This is the young adventurer’s edition. The first book looks similar, but only has 132 photos and illustrations.

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