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Brook Mantia

Brook Mantia

Space Tourism Columnist. Brook has been involved in space activism for over 20 years. She currently serves as Advocate Coordinator for the Space Frontier Foundation, and as president of the Golden Gate Space Frontier Society, a chapter of the National Space Society. She is also a member of the Planetary Society and the Space Tourism Society. Mrs. Mantia also works as an executive assistant at Commerce One, an e-commerce company based in Silicon Valley. She lives with her husband Vince in Fremont, California, and plans to live on Mars someday.
Brook making friends with the Klingons

Adventures of a Space Tourist in Las Vegas

TO THE STARS! The most interesting aspect of the conference was not on the official agenda-it was the schmoozing. While the formal presentations are always informative, it’s the informal discussions where the action happens at any of these space conferences. That’s where you get the inside, “unofficial” dish, the gossip. That’s where the introductions are

John S Spencer holding Destiny 1

Space Renaissance Man: John S. Spencer

TO THE STARS! John S. Spencer is a true renaissance man for the millennium. He’s an architect, real estate developer, master planner, and a visionary pioneer of “The Design Frontier” with a fierce passion for creating humanity’s future in space. John Spencer is a waaay cool guy. Recently I had the great pleasure of spending

Space Programs YOU Can Join

Space Programs YOU Can Join

TO THE STARS! If you’ve got a yen for space travel, but you’ve been too busy to sign up for astronaut training, here are some space programs you can join now. There are many organizations that you can join-no experience necessary-and let your enthusiasm make a difference in the growing movement to open the space

Mir Space Station viewed from the Endeavour

Move over ClubMed – here comes ClubMir

TO THE STARS! Although some consider it more “Motel 6” than “ClubMed,” the Mir space station is being resurrected and transformed into the first tourist destination in space. “ClubMir” is now commercially available to international users who seek access to the world’s most unique industrial, scientific, and recreational facility. About the Mir Space Station The

Brook Mantia profile pic

Welcome to my space tourism column!

TO THE STARS! Space has always been the domain of astronauts, rocket scientists, and assorted “experts” who have the “Right Stuff.” NASA has guarded the gates of space like jealous priests before the temple, where only those judged worthy may pass. Only a few hundred people have traveled in space, but millions dream of it.


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