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Dennis Snader

Dennis Snader

Logistics. Dennis has many loves. His pets, music, family, intelligent conversation, and a good beer. His priority in life is the people that he loves, an eclectic mix of friends that grows as life unfolds. But at the age of 30, Dennis found he was living an unfulfilling life. Common culture had convinced him that material goods would lead to satisfaction. This turned out to be an empty promise. So Dennis decided to do something fulfilling. He rode his bike across North America. Through this amazing experience, he vowed to be happy, a promise that generated and continues to generate many exciting opportunities. Heading the business development for The Argonauts is one of them. For Dennis, The Argonauts serves in uniting the souls of those who are searching for fulfillment in life by exploring the unknown. And in that vein, Dennis will bike around the world in 2001. “I do not consider myself an educated person,” he says, “until I have experienced the world in which I live.” To the future!
Scott's bike with colorful panniers leaning against a yellow fence in a snowy field.

How do you plan for the weather?

Weather and Climate: The Second Most Important Factor While Traveling I love Louis Armstrong’s version of “Nothing But Blue Skies.” If only the weather could

Scotts knee surgery. A picture of laparoscopic surgery and the inside of Scott's knee

Health and Safety

Health: The Most Important Factor While Traveling What happens if you get sick or injured? I vividly recall the scene in the San Francisco restaurant.

World touring bicycles loaded with supplies lean against each other in the early morning fog. Kickstands are one of the items we left behind.

Dennis’ Bicycle Ride Around the World

Read about Dennis’ bike ride around the world. These are one of the last examples of a travelogue written prior to the invention of blogs and social media.


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