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Elz Cuya

Elz Cuya

Tarzan’s Real Jane

By Elz Cuya Dr. Goodall with Uruhara at a sanctuary for orphaned chimps. Dr. Jane Goodall’s curiosity and love for animals blossomed at a very

Carl Sagan

Explorer of the Cosmos, Journeyman of the Mind (1934-1996) By Elz Cuya An artist’s conception of Voyager I as it passes Jupiter. Should an alien

Robert Scott: The Amateur

By Elz Cuya Scott’s Hut, Cape Evans With our friend, Vilmar Tavares, updating us on his adventures from Way Down Under, and our cover story

Thailand and Laos by Bike

By Stacy Fowler with Elz Cuya Our nine to five jobs certainly take a toll on us. That’s why you want to be certain you

The Legacy of Julia Hill

“Yes, One Person Can Make a Difference. But it’s Going to Take All of Us.” By Elz Cuya In December of 1997, Julia Butterfly Hill

The Traveling Tattoo Artist

By Elz Cuya Tattoo artist Aleks Figueroa spends many hours of the day permanently staining people’s skin with art, but he admits he doesn’t always

A Poetic Journey

By Elz Cuya In celebration of National Poetry Month, I sought a story on traveling poets — it wasn’t difficult. It seems that the theme

A Traveler Honors Her Soul

Cheryl Friedman can’t hold the same job for more than three years. This isn’t because she’s irresponsible, or untalented, it’s because she can’t let three years go by without taking a long trip.

Meet Goran Kropp

By Elz Cuya Pictures courtesy of Göran Kropp There is an update on Scott’s friendship with Göran in his new book Falling Uphill. You can

Encountering Your Soul in Antarctica

“Where would you go to find the answers to life’s deepest questions? Is there a God? Why am I here? Is there life after death?” For seventy-six year old Professor Graham Collier, the answers were found in Antarctica.


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