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Jen Dalton

Jen Dalton

Columnist. Jen is a backyard adventurer and writer currently in transition from San Francisco to San Anselmo. She thrives on love, friends and travel. Her next scheduled trip is to Vietnam this August to work on a documentary. You can find her practicing her speed and form on her little Bianchi (named Poppy Junior) on the streets of San Francisco and random trails on Mt.Tamalpais.
Lake Lagunitas Four Corners trails

The Lake Lagunitas Dirt Romp

Backyard Adventures “It’s not a party till something gets broken,” Jen said with a questioning tilt in her voice and a large smile. This after she’d jumped and skirted around far too many sharp rocks for my very bald tires to handle. Kirk was visibly exasperated, sweat pouring down his forehead in rivers, heat and

Six Rivers National Forest

Six Rivers National Forest

Jen and friends take off riding their road bikes along challenging paths and taking on whatever comes their way.


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