Author Archive: Scott Stoll

Scott Stoll
My claim to fame is that I rode a bicycle around the world and wrote some books. More about me.

Eco-Footprint Label

Introducing the Eco-Footprint Label, a nutrition label for the planet. Helping make environmentally-conscious decisions by informing shoppers of the “ingredients” in their packaging and costs of shipping.

Scott’s Adventure in Bali

After traveling the world for years, Scott can’t seem to stay put in one place for very long. Soon, he’ll need to explore a new planet.

The Mother of Adventure

A Mother’s Day Tribute Update: Having traveled the world for years after writing this article it is interesting to discover that one of the most

We came in peace for all mankind

The Apollo 11 Mission By Scott Stoll Pictured above is one of the most recognizable and fascinating images of this century. Buzz Aldrin stands in


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