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Because It Is There Expedition


Kevin Shannon, an acquaintance of mine, will soon be setting off on his world tour to combat “combat stress”. Above we see him with an interesting contraption called a Third Wheel, a trailer that I suspect will reduce the weight on two wheels and therefore the wear and tear on his bike, though balance and steering traction look tricky.

In his words:

‘Because It Is There’ is a an expedition to circumnavigate the world using zero emissions. During the expedition I will cycle approximately 36,000 miles across 5 continents and sail across 2 oceans (and perhaps canoe down a river or row across a stretch of water at some point) and arriving back on my doorstep around 3 years later. During this time I will be facing extreme sub zero temperatures, scorching heat, thirst, hunger and physical and mental exhaustion.

via Because It Is There.

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