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Martina Gee's Velobotóns Urbana Earring

Editor’s Note: This world cyclists supports her travels with handmade bicycle button jewelery or velobotóns!


I’m Martina from Switzerland and since 2009 you can find me most of the time on a bicycle seat somewhere on this world.

As a very creative person I wanted to add something to my travels and created the velobotones. Small bikes made of wire were a bit boring, so the colored buttons came into play. The first models were made in Bogota, Colombia. From that point in time the offer is expanding steadily and the luggage is getting heavier and heavier. Some velobotones already travelled through various countries and lived some good adventures but I prefer to let them spread there charm somewhere on the way.

Furthermore they provide that I can pedal a bit longer as they fill my travel purse. From now they are available on this website:

You can follow more of Martina’s adventures here, or order some buttons.


Martina Gee's Velobotóns Carrera

Martina Gee's Velobotóns Earrings

Martina Gee's Velobotóns key chain

Martina Gee's Velobotóns Penny Farthing

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