Bicycle Touring Infographic

Who Can Bike Tour?

Editor’s Note: 121 Bicycle touring (bikepacking) experts share the details of their trip. I’m honored to be one of them. It even looks like me. (See Scott Stoll below.) This infographic is evidence that bicycle touring is a sport that almost anyone can do and very cheap. Thanks to Mads for the words and graphic. He’s worked a long time on this.

Bicycle touring has a rich and unique history. From working-class travel in late 19th century, Europe to US soldier brigades traveling entirely by bike in the early 1900s history has seen its share of people who supported and got the most out of bike travel. However, prior to 1976, bicycle touring was really seen as a European phenomenon. It didn’t take off in the United States until the “Ride Across America” started taking off.

Now in 2015, there are so many different ways to travel by bike. You can blog or keep up a website to let others follow you on your journey. And so many different ways to fully embrace all life has to offer. People are linking up bike travel with their other hobbies. Bike travel is becoming multifaceted and communities around the globe are embracing it now more than ever. Here at Icebike we have put together an infographic and collected interviews from 121 experts in bicycle touring with the hope that you get out there and learn for yourself what touring is all about.

If you look at our infographic you will see that literally anyone can travel by bike. You don’t have to go out and crush 200 miles a day to bike tour. You can go at your pace, set your own plans, and divert any time you want. Older generations who were around for the first bike travel renaissance in the 1970s are still alive and well; traveling well into their twilight years. Young guns are striking out right when they finish school, trading in career uncertainty for a fulfilling life on the road. Married couples with their children in tow are out there riding for years, homeschooling them, letting the vast array of cultures be their guides and the landscape their classroom.

There are solo trips, couple’s trips, old college buddies and beyond. People of all ages, genders, cultures, and classes are traveling by bike and you can too.

Don’t think about the reasons you shouldn’t bike tour. Let these tours we have listed be examples of why you should. Think about the experiences you are missing and think about the opportunities that will present themselves on the road. Think about being entirely self-sufficient and being happy with the choices you have made. Think about other things you would like to do while you are out there.

Is this tour about exploring your hobby in photography? Is this tour about learning a new language or teaching your kids about the world? Is this tour an escape from all the plans and security you thought you wanted? Think about all of those things and worry about the rest later.

121 Bikepacking Experts Share Their Routes Around The World. A fun infographic with illustrations of famous world cyclists, including Scott Stoll. It also includes the route, distance, type of bicycle, months on the road, money spent, start and finish location and websites.
The different symbols will tell you about distance, budget, websites and so much more. Feel free to email some of the riders if you have specific questions. The bikepacking community is amazing and so supportive of others who want to experience the fun of touring for themselves.

To see another infographic by Mads visit 159 places you must see on your bike trip around the world.

To see an even bigger version and more information visit Mads’ website.

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