Falling Uphill: The Young Adult Edition

The acclaimed best-selling book, Falling Uphill, has been re-imagined for a new audience.

Falling Uphill: Young Adult Edition


The true story of one man’s quest around the world on a bicycle seeking the meaning of life.

To help make this book available to low-income schools, I’ve decided to publish it online one frequently asked question at a time. The print edition will still be easier to read; additionally, it comes with a teacher’s guide and classroom activities to help students turn their dreams into reality. Read online >>>

Preview the Book

Falling Uphill: Dreams -- sample chapters

Table of contents and preface and samples. Read about the re-imagined Falling Uphill, the theme of the book, a new short story, and more. (Download PDF.)

Flip through the book

Falling Uphill Book Flip Movie

Synopsis: This easy-to-read edition features 236 photos and illustrations, answers to over 225 frequently asked questions, and new humorous short stories so that you can re-imagine Scott’s quest. Perfect for teachers and students as part of the required non-fiction book reading for the Common Core Curriculum.

In fact, the whole book is a new perspective on the highlights and lowlights of the adventure—from dying of dehydration to being imprisoned in Zimbabwe to climbing Mt. Everest—and a whole philosophy of life.

One of the mysteries Scott discovered was that everyone everywhere, regardless of age, race, gender or culture, asked the same questions in a similar order, proving we all share the same fears and joys and doubts and hopes. Falling Uphill flows in a similar order, and serves as a metaphor for your own journey through life, whether that be an adventurer, artist, scientist or whatever you dream to be.

This special edition features an ancient “magical” secret to making your dream a reality, and several exercises (and additional surprises online) to help guide you through the creative process—by the time you’ve finished this book, not only will you have dreamed impossible dreams, but you’ll have taken the first step on your new adventure.

Scott Stoll lives a life the rest of us only dream of.

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If you read the first book, you’ll love this brand new re-imagined book suitable for all ages, featuring:

  • falling uphill signed by the authorAn easy-to-read format. Every page is a mini-adventure, so you can skip around and read as much or as little as you want.
  • Over 236 photographs and illustrations.
  • Over 225 frequently asked questions that highlight the “secrets” of life that it took me many years and many thousands of miles to discover.
  • Dozens of inspirational quotes, thought-provoking questions, answers to all life’s big questions and the big lessons learned.
  • A new humorous story: What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten? And other brand new super short stories.
  • A step-by-step exercise to guide you through the process of turning your dreams into reality.
  • By the time you’ve finished this book, not only will you have dreamed impossible dreams, but you’ll have taken the first step on your new adventure.
  • An expanded section on “how to bicycle around the world” the metaphorical guide to any expedition planning, even if your expedition is to be a street sweeper.
  • An online companion guide for parent’s and teachers
  • And more surprises, including a hidden bonus chapter online.

Inspire your friends and family to dream, if not inspire yourself.

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Flip through Falling Uphill

This is the young adventurer’s edition. The first book looks similar, but only has 132 photos and illustrations, and a lot more words.

More about Falling Uphill.

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