Sample Chapters

Falling Uphill sample chapters, movies and a free book

falling uphill sample chapter spreadRead about my intriguing discovery and the theme of the book; and, see my friend Edwin trade a pen for a sheep as he tries to teach a Tibetian shepherd “a lesson”. This is a very funny story that falls into the section “Survival”. Download the PDF or read the opening chapters on Kindle Preview.

Video Chapter

Chapter 25: Would you please visit my family

A heart-warming story about sharing a meal in a mud hut high in the Andes Mountain.

Falling-uphill-dreams_sample-chaptersFalling Uphill:
The Young Adult Edition

Table of contents and preface and samples. Read about the re-imagined Falling Uphill, the theme of the book, a new short story, and more. (Download PDF.)

Flip through Falling Uphill:
The Young Adult Edition

This is the young adventurer’s edtion. The first book looks similar, but only has 132 photos and illustrations.

Falling Uphill: The Secret of Life. Read Online.

Falling Uphill:

The Secret of Life

The Children’s Chapter Book. I love my story, unfortunately most kids and schools in the world can’t afford my favorite book. So I’ve decided to make it free.

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