Falling Uphill Next Generation Indie Book Award 2018 Memoir Personal Struggle
Falling Uphill Next Generation Indie Book Award 2018 Memoir Personal Struggle. Now a rare best-selling, award-winning independent book. Scott's story has been seen by millions across the globe.

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Despite critical acclaim, years of work and literally every penny I had, very few people know Falling Uphill exists, much less my other books. So, if you enjoyed re-living the adventure, and re-imagining life, please help spread the word.

  • Told a friend
    Tell your friends. This is the #1 way to help. Most book sales are a direct result of word-of-mouth.
    • Share on your favorite social media.
    • Join our Facebook Page.
    • Post a link on your personal website. This helps us get found in internet searches. Scott could even write a guest post.
  • Write a review. This could possibly be even more important in the digital era than word of mouth. These days people take reviews very seriously, and it helps me write better books — pros and cons, it’s all good. Submit a review to your local paper or community newsletter (such as a bike club) or go straight to:
  • Gift. Give your friends one of our books. If you order here, we can send them a signed book, like “Falling Uphill” as a real-life example of how to create hope and change in yourself and therefore the world.
    • Pay-It-Forward. We’ll donate a children’s book, paper and pencil on your behalf.
  • Request your local library, school or community organization to order a book. As a public service, libraries will order books upon your request. You may also ask your school or community organization to order a copy for their personal libraries and study groups.
  • Dinner party
    Book Clubs and Special Events. Scott’s slideshows and inspirational talks have inspired thousands. Recommend Scott at your next business meeting, bike club, church event or to your school PTO. Scott can even attend book groups for a reading.
  • Contact your favorite newspaper, radio or TV station. The media is always thirsty for new stories, and most show great interest in a story about a man who rode a bicycle around the world, and now that there is a book and a book tour, they’ll be even more interested to share the inspiration with their audience. An email or phone call only takes a few minutes. Cut-and-paste this letter to the media and send it to your favorite national shows. Here are a couple ideas. Click to see an example:
  • Resources. If you’re an event organizer or member of the media visit the press room for lots of photos, collateral material and favorite stories in the news.
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