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Scott's beloved Jeep

Once again I’m making some painful sacrifices for an adventure that I hope will reap lifelong rewards. In this case, it will be the Falling Uphill Book Tour. Yes, that is the garage I live in. It’s actually very nice and cost over $100,000 to remodel. It comes with a cute picnic table in the backyard and you’re very own redwood tree.

For sale:

Everything except my bicycle and book must go.

  • Jeep.
  • Small 400 square foot cottage (read: rent a pricey, but very nice remodeled garage) in Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Graphic design career.
  • Log bed.
  • Handmade Afghanistan rugs.
  • Expensive paintings.
  • Plus all the annoying little things no man should ever have to buy, like a broom and dustpan.
  • And, perhaps a date with my ex-girlfriend. She recently wrote to me, “I just wanted to warn you that I updated my info and I canceled our relationship on Facebook.” You’ll only get a date provided you want to get married, have kids and aren’t planning on bicycling off into the sunset. (Okay, of course, I’m not being serious, but you see where I’m coming from.)

Any reasonable offer accepted.

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