Classroom composting

Illustration of the new children’s book has begun at the Waukesha STEM Academy charter school. Above one of 18 art classes is working on their drawings for “Ruby the Red Worm’s Dirty Job”, and below students investigate live worms in a composting bin. It has been a privilege to work with this school. The kids have been overwhelmingly energetic and creative.

Here is a cool Backyard Adventure. A fun mini-expedition helping students and parents become modern argonauts. Third, in my series of Backyard Adventures is Kitchen Composting.

ASSIGNMENT: Your adventure, should you choose to accept it, is to build your own compost bin at home or school. This is a great way to recycle your scraps and reduce your eco-footprint by eating more local food.

Example: See Ruby the Red Worm and the picture below of students studying red worms. Now research the online resources for building your own compost bin and using the compost to fertilize your garden.

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