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An inspirational story from a fellow argonaut, John Warnick.

Months ago I ‘Discovered’ that I had a gift which would “Transform Lives with the Gift of Mobility.” That gift was cycling! After completing a 1000 mile bike trek for the Faith Based, non-profit which gifts lightweight wheelchairs to those impoverished,disabled people crawling on the ground in the 84 countries we serve, My life has been transformed as a spokesperson,and representative for those without hope. We have gifted 680,000 wheelchairs, and my part began on a bicycle and has continued in various mobility efforts and speaking to the masses in church’s and groups.Riding my bike has been a blessing God has used to change lives by “REACHING DOWN AND LIFTING OTHERS UP” Which is the best exercise for the human heart.

Thanks for your support,
John Warnick

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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