Scott Stoll, Graphic Designer, Portfolio

Wisconsin State Fair Billboard Ad: You'll wish you had a second, third and fourth stomach.

Ad Campaign

The Wisconsin State Fair

Success Story: My all-time favorite project, the creative pitch for Wisconsin's most coveted client. The Wisconsin State Fair is a highly visible campaign, super fun and provides unlimited creative potential. The Celtic Ad Agency was between creative directors, so I served as the creative director/designer/copywriter for the print campaign. The WI State Fair wanted to update their image from something akin to an old-fashioned barnyard dance to something avant garde yet down-to-earth. After weeks of hard work, including stuffing our entire proposal into a paper mache cow that we spent all night making, we won a 5 year contract.

WI State Fair Billboard. "Bring your little piggies to see our little piggies."

WI State Fair Newspaper Magazine ad. "Not that we have anything against cloning, but we feel sheep should have a little fun."