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San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Ad. Fuck the environment or Free the environment? You choose.

Newspaper and Newsletter Ad

Here is an ad that I feel very strongly about as you can tell from my body copy below and the headline which has a double entendre. This ran in the San Francisco Guardian. It's uses a photograph of downtown SF from my old apartment and I increased the contrast of the fog to make it look like pollution. And if you look closely, you can see the old-fashioned halftone screen of the newspaper.

Body copy: FREE the environment! The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's goal is to empower bicyclists to make a difference in our community: to make the city bicycle-friendly and the air easier to breathe, add more bike lanes and improve transit access, reduce car speeds, combat global warming and cement-rification, save the redwoods, end racism, feed the hungry, and promote peace, love and happiness. So you decide: do you want to make a difference or do you want to just sit there? Join now, create positive karma for all your bicycling reincarnations. (Oh yeah, members get a 10% discount on supplies at area stores.) 415-431-BIKE or

Web Banner: I also did a series of web banner ads. It's a little generic, but those were the days of dial-up phone modems.

SFBC banner ad