Scott Stoll, Graphic Designer, Portfolio

Chevron San Francisco Chronicle ad

Full-page newspaper ad

SUCCESS STORY: The San Francisco Chronicle wanted to design a series of ads (one for each day of the month) that would showcase their community activism and avante garde news reporting. My challenge, besides making a visually stunning ad, was to design something that would inspire readers to return each day. My solution was to use the Chronicle's website ( to make the ad interactive. I included a sidebar with links to online forums and trivia contests, thus encouraging readers to return the next day to see if their comments were quoted or if they won a prize. Another feature I created was a fun fact embedded in the visual, which changes everyday.

This ad is also used as a showcase piece to sell the concept to major Chronicle advertisors like Wells Fargo and Chevron.

TESTIMONIAL: "I know I speak for the entire department when I say how much you've made an impact on us. Your attitude and refreshing approach to your projects made you a joy to work with. And your designs were always exactly what we wanted. I know that we'll certainly be working with you again in the future." The San Francisco Chronicle Marketing Creative Director

Chevron San Francisco Chronicle ad 2