Scott Stoll, Graphic Designer, Portfolio

Season of Sharing ad and mult-media campaign. San Francisco Chronicle.

Multi-media Ad Campaign

SUCCESS STORY: My goal was to revamp the Season of Sharing ad campaign thereby increasing the donations. One of the ideas presented to me was to have a theme that said more or less: There is a Hurricanne Katrina every day for some families in the Bay Area. I didn't want to play on people's fear or guilt, so I created an inspirational campaign. I showcased the actual difference that people's donations made in the lives of some Bay Area residents. In total, I created 7 newspaper ads, 4 posters, 1 website and 14 different banner ads.

The donations increased approximately 2%, which is a lot of money when you are talking millions of dollars.

TESTIMONIAL: "It has been a pleasure working with you. You have set the standard for the Season of Sharing campaign. It has never looked so good in twenty years. Thank you!" The Executive Director of the Season of Sharing.

Season of Sharing banner ads and mult-media campaign

Season of Sharing website and mult-media campaign