Scott Stoll, Graphic Designer, Portfolio
Bike USA ad, full-page, 4-color newspaper ad. This is the ad that got Scott fired from his job as art director.

Bikes USA Ad

This is the ad that got me fired.

Long story short: Above is a restored photo from the only existing printed piece that is now yellowed, wrinkled and spotted. This advertisement actually won an award in the regional Addy contest and then went on to nationals. However, before that happened my boss used this as one of his primary reasons firing me. He said that he had never seen a focus group tear apart an ad so much. (I hadn't even been invited to the focus group.) In fact, he had said that he had never seen an art director as bad as me either. This happened on the Friday before New Year's Eve, and he told me not to come back next year, meaning Monday. This event led to the incendiary moment which compelled me to ask, "If I could do anything, what would I do?" And if you know me, you know my answer was to ride a bicycle around the world and find the meaning of life and happiness or die trying. Well, I came close to dying, but I lived to write my best-selling, independent book Falling Uphill about my quest for happiness. You can relive this moment in the opening chapter.