Scott Stoll, Graphic Designer, Portfolio


I functioned as the art director, graphic designer and production artist for all of these ads, as well as being the copywriter for most. What does this mean exactly?

All pieces on this website were designed for paying clients. No speculative work is displayed.

Read about how the creative process works.

Before computers, visual communication was usually created by 4-6 different people, on the top of the pyramid the copywriter and art director served as the conceptual word and image masterminds.

Once the concept came into being, the different pieces were assigned to the different experts: graphic designer (the visual and design expert), the photographer and/or illustrator, the typographer, and the production artist (the hands-on, technical guy who knew how to run all the machines, such as, strip film, set blocks of type, literally cut and paste and assembling all the pieces).

In the new age, computers gave the average joe the ability to do jobs that once took special equipment and special skill. Today often all these jobs are done by the same person, such as me. However, even though there may be a perception that anyone who knows how to run a computer can do these jobs and that life is easier, the reality is that it takes a much wider range of talent, skill and experience to do everything, and being a left-brained computer guy and right-brained creative is an oxymoron.

So, it has become increasingly rare to find a truly competent graphic- design-art-director-production-artist-illustrator-photographer- copywriter-web-designer.