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Falling Uphill book design

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Everyone has a story to tell

I've spent over 6000 hours to create my magnum opus Falling Uphill and that's not even including riding a bicycle around the world in quest of happiness and the meaning of life. I have learned a lot about the book business, which resulted in selling about 8 times more books than average, including the big publishers. Now I can bring my years of trial-by-fire experience to help save you years of trial-by-fire experience, time, energy and money.

You can browse the links in the right navigation to explore everything I can help you with, including:

  • Design
  • Production
  • Paper books
  • e-Books: Kindle, PDF, ePub, HTM, Smashmouth....
  • Consulting: some basic tips to guide you through the self-publication process, public relations, marketing and 101 other ideas to sell your book.
  • Minor proofreading
  • Website design
  • Basic Paypal shopping carts
  • Movies
  • Press releases
  • and much, much, much more.

Please contact me to start bringing your story to life for future generations, not to mention benefiting your self, your business and your community.

Flip through Falling Uphill

This is the young adventurer's edtion. The first book looks similar, but only has 132 photos and illustrations.