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Bicycle jersey Falling Uphill book promotion

T-shirts design and bicycle jerseys

T-shirt design 1

T-shirt concepts for hiking enthusiasts

Here are my favorite concepts that I created for an outdoor hiking T-shirt company. Note: These are just a handful of the ideas that were presented in 6 rounds of focus group marketing before the final designs were chosen and re-illustrated in full glory.

These days it's super easy to create your own custom T-shirts printed on-demand. Just send me your idea and I can send you the ready-to-print artwork in PDF format.

T-shirt design 2

Many ideas in advertising and entertainment are spoofs, meaning they re-imagine or re-popularize or piggyback an idea or fad that is already in the mainstream consciousness.


T-shirt design 3

T-shirt design 4

T-shirt design 5

I hate diets, so I rode a bicycle around the world.

T-shirt design 6

Jimi Hendrix meet Descartes

T-shirt design 7

Even I squirmed at this idea, but a lot of people love it.