Scott Stoll, Graphic Designer, Portfolio

Gentle computing logo

What makes a good logo. Part 5.

Keep it simple

Here is the gentleComputing logo designed for the umbrella company of gentleMouse (see below). I kept it clean, simple, corporate and official. Aesthetically, I didn't want it to compete with the gentleMouse logo but compliment it. Logos are designed to catch your attention, and two logos side by side are like boxers in a ring. See how the strip of logos in the right navigation compete for attention.

Gentle computing hummingbird icon

A close up of the logo icon or mark. This realistic drawing was challenging, because a logo needs to reproduce and be legible at various sizes. The hummingbird looks good small because it isn't obscured by too much detail; on the other hand, there is enough detail that it looks interesting at much larger sizes, like a sign or billboard.

Gentle mouse logo

A logo designed for a "revolutionary new software that eliminates the need for clicking and thereby reducing repetitive strain injuries."

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