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Madison Truck Equipment Workhorse Logo

Workhorse Logo

One of my favorite logos to date. The final product after dozens of variations. The workhorse helps fire fighters fight fires. It is a division of Madison Truck Equipment. These logos went through a hundred designs to get them just right. You can also the bumper sticker for a different logo treatment.

Madison Truck Equipment Logo

This logo went through 12 round of designs. Below is a screenshot of my master file for the twelfth round of design. Each logo is slightly different: font, kerning, tagline, color, etc. Above you can see I've taken my favorite and created a reversed and monochrome version to make sure the logo will work in multiple media.

Madison Truck Equipment Logo Concepts

Workhorse Bumper Sticker or Decal

Bumper Sticker or Decal

Here is bumper sticker for Madison Truck Equipment that uses a different logo treatment.