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$1,000,000 Ideas logo

What makes a good logo. Part 6.

Knowing what doesn't work

Often finding a solution means discovering what doesn't work. And that means doing your homework of comparitive brands. And lots of rough drafts. Logos can be subjective, so the more possibilities you eliminate the better. Your graphic designer should be open to "negative" feedback.

I'm not saying the logos on this page are bad, but they are an example of what won't work on a business card. They are designed for use on the Internet, and the fancy effects and detail would be costly and difficult to print, and probably obscure the contact information. Even for a simple logo, you will often need ten variations for all different kinds of uses: animated, full-color, black and white, etc., not to mention different file formats. See another example.

AZ Extreme Rentals Logo

AZ Extreme Rentals: This is a lot different than my usual style, then again are graphic designers supposed to have a style, or are they supposed to be a chameleon and mimic the style that best suits the client?