Scott Stoll, Graphic Designer, Portfolio

Graphic Design Services

In addition to the items you'll find in my portfolio, here are some other services that I have had experience creating throughout the years. See my Service Fees below.

Freelance: Virtual commute or on-site graphic design or production.

Concept: Copywriting, Consulting, Visual Information design

Images: Illustration, Photography, Retouching, Icons, Dingbats

Identity: Corporate branding, Logos (one of my specialties), Business cards, Letterhead, Style guides, Package design, Signage

Print: Ads, Newspaper, Magazine, Brochures, Billboards, Indoor/Outdoor signs and banners, Fliers, Posters, Postcards, Direct mail, Political DM, T-shirts and lot more.

Web: Websites, Template re-design, Information design, Splash screens, Banner ads, HTML Craigslist ads and email signatures, Brochure sites, Mini-sites, etc.

Social media: Avatars, Background images for Youtube or Twitter, Template re-design for blogs such as Wordpress, Google ads and Analytics, Paypal shopping carts

Book design: Cover design, Interior design, Production, e-Books (Kindle, B&N, Smashwords), PDFs, Mini-sites and more

Broadcast: HD splash screen images, and a few TV commercials under my belt.


Before you read the bottom line dollar figure, I recommend you read about what you are buying, so please see an example of How The Creative Process Works. It also includes details about my design philosophy and the project deliverables.

Thank you for being a graphic design localvore: It is becoming difficult to compete with all the sweat shops overseas and computer programs pretending to be local designers offering cookie-cutter designs at dirt-cheap prices. What I offer is the opportunity to work one-on-one with a local designer who will walk you through the creative process to develop a unique, beautiful and functional marketing tool that enhances your company's profitability.

The Benefits: I've combined my talent with over ten years of experience. This means I can concept (create a unique idea or selling point), design (illustrate) and produce (prepare for press) a project overall better and faster and, therefore, more economically than a less experienced, less talented designer.

The Bottom Line: Price depends upon the complexity of the project. I like to allow enough time to work closely with my clients to go through a few rounds of concepts and refinements. Hourly and project prices are based on a discounted rate of the 2003 Graphic Artist's Guild Pricing & Ethical Guidelines. As clients needs vary greatly, please contact me for an estimate.

In general we offer three levels of service:

  • Down and Dirty: You know what you want, you just need someone to produce it.
  • Basic: You need guidance to how the creative process works, including several rounds to refine the final product.
  • Masterpiece: You want to go from zero to amazing. We begin from scratch including an analysis of your competition and including unlimited rounds to reach perfection.

Terms, Payment & Copyright

TERMS: Upon approval by all interested parties, the client will make a down payment of 33-50%. Upon completion of the project, the client will pay the remaining balance within 30 days and before final files are released. A 1.5% monthly service fee will be charged on all overdue balances.

Billing options: We accept most forms of payment, and Scott also works with the creative placement agency and Creative Circle that can handle some of the risk and paperwork, which makes things easier for large businesses.

COPYRIGHT: See our copyright section for current rights and transfer of ownership

Modified July, 2016