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Website Design

Your number one marketing tool in this era is your website.

Update: These websites might look old-fashioned by today's standards, but they are all custom designed and hand built. Since then the web has evolved. Over 90% of current websites use templates and content management systems. Still, it requires a graphic designer and information designer to give it that customized feeling.

Disclaimer: The web changes faster than the speed of light! So, if you visit any of my websites, expect the client to have made changes that aren't part of my original concept, and that don't necessarily work.

You can browse the sites I've design in the right navigation, but my best and most complicated website is for my book Falling Uphill. Of course, it looks beautiful and the information hierarchy is logical and easy to use (I use a style called a minisite, which is like an online brochure), but I also implement many other features, including: search engine optimized design, customized blog and content management system, Paypal shopping cart, social media, and a Youtube movie as an advertisement along with Google Adwords and Analytics to measure the results.

My site has gone through many incarnations as the internet has evolved. I recommend you start small and grow your website as your business grows. The main thing to remember is to build your site in a way that enables global changes at the click of a button. My website was hand-coded in the olden days of the web; so, with about 1000 pages, the last thing I want to do is change the color of my subhead, much less the entire information hierarchy.

For a cheaper and easier solution consider customizing a template. There are thousands and thousands of website templates online, with a lot of functionality already built in. (Customized programming costs a lot of fortune and can't be easily upgraded or changed.) Together we can modify it slightly to update the fonts, words, images and information design to suit your needs.