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For a guy who biked the world, you _______!

Scott in front a of pile of salt and in the background Lake Michigan

Scott cycling around the surreal Milwaukee Salt Port on Lake Michigan.

I spent 2 hours down in the Port of Milwaukee on top of the salt piles for a photo shoot for Milwaukee Magazine with Dan Zaitz, who seemed like a great photographer. (Update: turns out Dan Zaitz is a great photographer. Being a professional graphic designer/art director, I don’t say that lightly.) See the awesome pictures below. This is a quick snap shot with my phone and it looks pretty good.

The salt piles reminded me of the dry lakes or salt pans in Australia, where the sun fries you top and bottom. His assistant said, “I can’t believe you rode a bicycle around the world and are complaining about the sun in Milwaukee.” For the record, I’m sunburnt! But it is funny how every one eventually says, “For a guy who biked the world, you [insert insult]!” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad; it’s just very interesting, and I do still have a lot left to learn.

Recently my best friends said, after I tripped up the hose that opens the garage door said, “I can’t believe you made it around the world on a bicycle. You’d better go home, get down on your knees, and pray to God, because you owe him one.”

And one of my all time favorites from the ex-girlfriend who had a PhD in relationship counseling, “For a guy bicycled around the world, you’re not very worldy.”

Well, ironically I feel like I’m getting to see a lot more of how the world works on my book tour, zipping from Minneapolis, over the Mississippi, through the dells, and Madison, the capitol of Wisconsin, to the newsrooms of Chicago, a hotdog at Wrigley Field and ride down the Lake Front, and back to the uniquely industrial urbanized Milwaukee.

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Scott Stoll in the Milwaukee Salt Port photo by Dan Zaitz

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