Human Population Growth Chart

World Human Population Growth Chart and consumption of non-renewable resources

Human Population Growth:
The question isn’t if it will stop, but when?

This Human Population Growth Chart illustrates the exponential growth of the human race and the consumption of non-renewable resources. Imagine this graph also measures the oxygen consumption of the Human Race. Now imagine every person in the world during the modern age emitting 6 metric tons of greenhouse gases and pollution. Now double that number (and the amplitude of this graph) to account for all the oxygen used in the combustion process (half turns into water). Furthermore, because oxygen is used in every aspect of life, not just burning fuel, but also in the manufacturing process (especially chemicals and plastics) and the destruction of all those products through oxidation (rotting, burning, rusting), triple the amplitude yet again and this represents a conservative estimate of the oxygen consumption of the human species.

* Sources: The United Nations Population Division, U.S. Census Bureau, US Department of Energy, Wikipedia, and many more.

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